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One Flat Fee

One Flat Fee

No more confusing invoices! Prices are based on how many users you have. One price. No long term commitment.



You can add and remove users at any time. You are only paying for what you need.



Each user account comes with the free hellospoke app. Which means you have the power of your desk phone in your pocket.

hellospoke features
that save you money

No major phone equipment

Because hellospoke runs over your internet connection, there is no major phone equipment to purchase (except maybe a few desk phones). On average, a hellospoke install will cost 70% less than what a traditional phone system purchase costs.

No maintenance contracts

All maintenance is included. If something isn’t working right, just let us know and we’ll take care of it. At no additional cost.

No trip charges

If we have to make a trip to your facility to fix something, that’s on us. Not you.

No service fees

You’ll never see a service fee line item on your bill. We don’t believe in charging you for random things you didn’t ask for. Everything is built in to the user fee and any additional  “services” are included in that fee.

Head to our pricing page for more details

3 ways we make your job easier

Freedom to work anywhere

The hellospoke mobile app works just like your desk phone. You can answer, hold, conference, transfer, and more. hellospoke mobile ensures important calls get the love they deserve even when you’re on the go.

Dashboard and reporting

Call reports show call traffic patterns, allowing you to manage your staff more effectively. The hellospoke dashboard will allow you to see everything you need to know about a caller, making your phone calls more efficient. 

Better call handling

With hellospoke, you can handle more calls more efficiently, and at a fraction of the cost. hellospoke provides a built in auto attendant, message on hold capabilities, and powerful automated call routing capabilities that keep communication flowing.

Disaster Recovery

If your internet or network were to go down, calls can still be answered through the hellospoke app. When everything else in the office seems to be experiencing technical difficulties, you can be relieved your phone system isn’t.

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Customer Care

Never get helplessly frustrated over hellospoke’s technology. Our Customer Care Group is just a call away to field concerns or questions. For general questions, call 888 / 955 / 5155. For specific service needs, click below to fill out a service ticket.

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MD5 Hashing Algorithm

Having hellospoke is like having a personal guard for your phone lines. MD5 Hashing Algorithm keeps your conversations safe and communications working properly, whether using a desk phone or the hellospoke mobile app.

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Your hellospoke subscription comes with each of these features

The auto attendant offers a simple menu that greets callers. Once a direction is chosen from the menu, callers are routed to an extension without the intervention of an operator.

We’ll help you set up how you want incoming calls to flow through your business. Consider these options:

  • Main # dialed – goes to a ring group
  • Main # dialed – goes to an operator
  • Main # dialed – goes to an auto attendant

You can review your personal call history, or if you are a supervisor, you can pull reports for your entire team.

A feature that allows a person to “park a call” (which automatically puts them on hold) and the call can be picked up on any other phone.

Call queues are great for high volume inbound calls. If the group receiving inbound calls are all busy, calls are placed in a line, waiting to be answered. Once a receiver is free, the next call in the queue will be routed to them.

Call recording gives you protection and can help with training. Our call recordings are stored in the cloud, so you can access them anywhere. Just remember that when recording calls, you need to follow your state’s rules.

You can transfer a call to any extension or outside phone number. You also have the option to do it blind, announced or directly into voicemail (extension only).

Each user gets a personal conference bridge! The hellospoke conference bridge allows you to hold conference calls right from your office phone for up to 25 people (internal and external numbers can call in). You can also easily manage participants (mute, disconnect, etc.) from the hellospoke user portal.

Get an overview of your business – inbound/outbound call reports, call recordings, internal presence, texting, and manage all company contacts in one place.

We can create DIDs for any phone. This means someone can dial that phone directly instead of having to go through an auto attendant, operator, or directory.

If your internet or network were to go down, calls can still be answered through the hellospoke app. Otherwise you can call us and we can forward your calls to any number. Read this blog for more info.

With E911, we associate a physical address with the caller’s telephone number and route calls to the most appropriate Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for that address.

Find Me lets you receive incoming calls at any location, and Follow Me lets you receive calls at any number of designated phones, whether ringing all at once, or in sequence.

The hellospoke mobile app works just like your desk phone. You can answer, hold, conference, transfer, and more. hellospoke mobile is available on Android and iOS phones. Click here for more information.

Use your on-hold recordings to:

  • showcase your brand with custom music
  • announce events, products or services
  • answer frequently asked questions
  • encourage people to stay on the line

Set up a dial-by-name directory so that customers can reach who they need quickly and easily.

Access your faxes from anywhere! When faxes come in they’ll be sent directly to your email as a PDF attachment.

A ring group allows for multiple phones to ring when one number is dialed. It’s a great way for a business to distribute incoming calls among employees.

A convenient feature that allows you to store and forward voicemail messages using your email. The voicemails will be sent to your inbox via an audio attachment.

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