Air Systems, LLC was still using phone technology from 1991.

Their vintage system was working(ish), but they were constantly looking for parts on eBay to keep it alive. A new business phone service was needed, but a large capital expense to replace the existing equipment wasn’t ideal. Especially if that new equipment would be outdated in a few years.

What Air Systems wanted was a subscription-based service that didn’t require all new equipment and would support their remote employees.

The ideal situation:
• Avoid purchasing equipment that could be outdated in a few years
• A mobile app that would give remote employees the same phone experience as office employees
• Flexibility on the menu flow for customers, and ability to modify call flow as needed
• A subscription-based business phone service that can easily grow

How hellospoke helped

“HelloSpoke was by far the easiest and most cost effective way for us to upgrade to VoIP. Using the mobile app allowed us to avoid the hassle and cost of purchasing hardware or running cable, and ended up with a system that was quick to implement with great call quality and mobility.”
– Christian Corrigan, Vice President/General Manager

The two main goals of Air Systems was to replace their old system (which kept everyone tied to their desks) with a mobile equivalent, and to stop spending money on phone equipment.

hellospoke allowed them to do both. They went all mobile with the hellospoke mobile app, and didn’t need to purchase any equipment. Their customers are getting better service with fewer handoffs because employees are available anywhere, and the mobile app functions the same way a desk phone does with voicemail, hold, call forwarding, transfers, and conferencing.

Added bonus!

By switching to an internet-based business phone service, Air Systems got to stop paying the phone company. And experienced pretty remarkable savings. In the first year, they are going to see a savings of over $2,000!

Company: Air Systems, LLC
# of Users: 20
Previous Phone Bill: $719.48
Current hellospoke Bill: $547.68
Monthly Savings: $171.80

About Air Systems, LLC

Since 1968, Air Systems, LLC has been the authorized Master Distributor for Ingersoll Rand compressed air products in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. Ingersoll-Rand has been a leading manufacturer of air compressor products since 1905 and today offers the most versatile product portfolio that is unmatched in terms of quality, performance, and reliability. Whether it’s meeting the basic compressed air needs of a small machine shop, the absolute oil-free compressed air requirements of a food processing plant, or the high volume air requirements of an automotive assembly plant – Ingersoll Rand offers a complete line-up of air compressor and air treatment products that meet or exceed the highest industrial standards.