multifamily answering service

On a daily basis, you’ll interact with Notify mostly through email and the occasional maintenance emergency calls.

  • Listen to your voicemails – audio files are attached to each email
  • Read the transcriptions (multilingual) – save time and prioritize urgent messages
  • Easily push work orders from Notify into Realpage, Yardi or Entrata – no more manual data entry or switching between multiple systems with a Notify integration. To learn more about our integrations, click here.

Our intuitive interface allows you to create schedules in minutes and build them out as far as you’d like. You really only need to log in to make changes to your on-call schedule for vacations, holidays, etc.

  • Three schedule types to make scheduling a breeze
    (1) Forever & Ever – same people on call every day, all day
    (2) Every Other – weekly rotation, every other week
    (3) Custom – not either of the first two
  • Drag & drop feature to easily rearrange your people (check out the full list of features)
  • Access your schedule on a mobile phone or desktop – Notify is a website, as long as you have internet, you can stay in control of your communication flow anywhere
  • View all call activity and find specific calls if needed

Notify collects valuable data to help you improve your processes.

  • Automated reports sent weekly and monthly
  • Monitor call volumes, response times, and caller trends – identify areas for improvement and elevate your resident experience to new heights
  • Data-driven productivity – leverage data to fine-tune your schedules, identify bottlenecks, and enhance team efficiency

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you any way we can.

  • We want you to succeed – we train each property individually and give you access to PDFs, videos, and knowledge articles
  • There shouldn’t be any surprises – your bill will be exactly the same every month. Check out pricing here.

What is Notify and what can it do for you?

How it can benefit your multi-family community or management company