connect your apartment community

Redefine communication at your properties! HelloSpoke has built special features for maintenance, property managers, regional managers and management company staff.

Switch to Notify – HelloSpoke’s answering service – and EVERYONE will experience the benefits. Check them out below!

Maintenance Teams

Mitigated calls: Bid farewell to unnecessary emergency calls. Notify will stop non-emergency messages from escalating, saving your on-call staff from unnecessary disruptions. Notify will also let the resident know the status of their emergency call, immediately after leaving their message. Click here for more info on how Maintenance Mitigation works.

No PIN hassle: Forget about PINs – retrieving messages is hassle-free.

Customized escalation: Tailor your notification preferences. Receive alerts via phone calls or text messages, exactly as you prefer.

Effortless communication: Auto responses like “I’m on my way” and “not a maintenance emergency” facilitate seamless communication between maintenance and residents.

Property Managers

Full control: Manage and modify your system effortlessly. Our set-it-and-forget-it schedule types make your life easier.

Mobile convenience: Access on-call schedules through our mobile web app, making changes on-the-go a breeze.
Streamlined delivery: Receive everything via email, keeping you in-the-know wherever you are.

Integrated work orders: Push work orders directly from Notify into your property management software, streamlining your workflow. Click here to learn more.

Happier staff: Maintenance is getting less after-hours calls with Notify’s maintenance mitigation, plus automatic call-back responses to residents.

Regional Managers

Timely alerts: Stay in the loop with text message alerts for overdue maintenance emergency escalations.

Comprehensive reports: Access reports, call data, and recordings for your entire portfolio.

Automation magic: Weekly and monthly automated reports keep you effortlessly informed.

Property overview: Enjoy easy access to information across all your properties.

Unified happiness: Foster joy among property managers and maintenance teams. With less maintenance emergency escalations, better communication with residents and work order integration, property staff will be happier.

Management Company

Detailed reports: Dive into comprehensive reports, individual call data that includes CYA info.

Holistic control: Manage all properties from a central hub.

Performance insights: Gain insights into industry and company average emergency response times.

Clear indicators: Set clear performance indicators for your teams.

All the happy: Notify provides management company staff, regional managers, property managers, and maintenance with the information and tools they need to communicate effectively and be more efficient in their jobs. Better communication = happier residents.

Switch to HelloSpoke’s VoIP phone service, and we promise you won’t dread calling your phone company 🙂

Pair Notify with HelloSpoke’s VoIP phone service for a seamless experience

Say goodbye to your phone company and say HelloSpoke! Our Multifamily VoIP phone service will give you more insight into all of your phone calls, less hassle when you need to make changes to your call flow, and on-the-go solutions to keep you connected.

Phones to keep you connected while on the move

Are you often walking around the property or out of the office? We have two phone options to keep you connected while on the move:

DECT cordless phone system

  • Cordless operation for on-the-go staff
  • Handle up to 8 concurrent calls
  • Stay connected up to 50m indoors and 300m outdoors from the phone’s base unit
  • Up to 30-hour talk time
  • Quick charging: 10 minute charge for 2-hour talk time

HelloSpoke mobile app

  • The power of your desk phone in the palm of your hand
  • Make and take phone calls from anywhere
  • Answer, hold, conference and transfer all right from the app
  • Never give away your personal mobile number again!
  • Free for every user
  • If your internet or network ever goes down, calls can still happen through your mobile app