Contact Center:

No matter your call volume or number of agents, the hellospoke contact center is ready to deliver

Our Advanced Enterprise Communications platform revolutionizes the way your agents engage with customers and streamlines the end-user experience.

Automate with Ease:
• Accelerate and elevate your communications with simple clicks, not complex code.
• Free your agents from repetitive tasks to focus on delivering exceptional service to your end users.

Personalized Service, Simplified:
• Equip your agents with dynamic scripting and relevant data on a single screen for efficient, high-touch, personalized service.
• Enable agents to engage users with customized, dynamic self-service opportunities across multiple channels.

Connect Seamlessly:
• Transition effortlessly between channels – from chat to voice, SMS to email – with context that follows agents and end users.
• Engage users on their preferred channels, including social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp.

FAQ/Answer Bot Builder:
• Build FAQ/answer bots without code for sitewide implementation of automation.
• Increase call deflection through self-service options and escalate to agents when needed.

Situation Routing:
• Get callers to the right agent instantly with Predictive, Progressive, and Preview Calling Modes.
• Flexible agent skill assignments and dynamic workgroup expansion enhance team configuration.

Real-time Monitoring:
• Gain actionable insights from real-time monitoring and reporting.
• Utilize industry-standard KPI/SLA business drivers to track agent and center performance.