Meet Lou

The Maintenance AI Filter and your new best friend!

  1. Get fewer maintenance emergency calls
  2. Enjoy happier maintenance staff
  3. Pay out less overtime
  4. Promote better communication with residents

Lou is trained to sift through maintenance emergency messages and distinguish genuine from non-emergency ones. And then he turns the non-emergency messages into general, and will not escalate them to your on-call staff.

Our Director of Product Development explains Lou’s training in detail:

Think of our maintenance mitigation as an extra set of eyes on emergency calls, and his name is Lou.

Lou has seen tens of thousands of emergency calls from real residents and is great at figuring out what a resident is leaving a message about. Example: we gave Lou 1,000 real calls about light bulbs, and he now knows what a light bulb call sounds like. We did this for hundreds of issues and Lou knows the vast majority of what people call into maintenance about. 

Now that Lou knows what people are calling about, he can reference that giant list of potential issues with confidence. Each issue has been identified as an emergency or not by HelloSpoke, erring on the side caution.

For example, a call comes in about a garbage disposal being out – Lou knows exactly what that call is referring to and looks at the list and goes down to garbage disposal broken and sees HelloSpoke has deemed that it is NOT a maintenance emergency. So the call doesn’t escalate. 

Lou figures out what the caller is saying, and HelloSpoke maintains a giant list of issues and whether or not they’re a maintenance emergency. 

Of course Lou is not a real person and is a complex neural network with tons of data, but that’s the idea 😉

Our initial list is VERY safe, almost everything is classified as an emergency, but we’re curious your opinion once you start using Lou. We’ve already gotten some feedback it may need to a little stricter, but even with it being so safe we’ve seen up to 20% of calls being mitigated from the emergency line on some properties. Once you sign up, we’d love to share that list with you and get your opinion. 

The best part:

Lou will communicate back with residents. See the example below.

Does this sound interesting? Become a BETA tester!

Fill out the form, and we’ll reach out and let you know what it means to be a BETA tester for Maintenance AI mitigation.

If you’re not a current HelloSpoke customer, no worries! We are giving properties 2 months free service to test things out and provide feedback.


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