Introducing Texting:

Streamline Your Resident Communication

Stay connected with your residents more efficiently than ever with our new texting feature. Whether you need to send a quick one-on-one message or reach out to a group, our texting functionality has you covered.

Key Benefits of Texting with Notify

  • Direct Communication: Send individual texts to residents directly from the Notify dashboard, ensuring personal and immediate communication.
  • Group Messaging: Effortlessly send group texts by selecting residents by tag or choosing all residents, making it easy to deliver important updates and announcements to everyone at once.
  • Comprehensive Message History: Keep track of all interactions with a live message history available on the communication page. Easily review individual text histories, group texts, and group calls for complete transparency and record-keeping.

How It Works

From the Notify dashboard, you can:

  • Select Residents Individually: Communicate one-on-one with specific residents for personal updates or individual concerns.
  • Select a Group by Tag: Target specific groups of residents based on tags, making segmented communication straightforward and effective.
  • Select All Residents: Quickly inform the entire community about urgent news or general announcements with a single message.

Enhance your property management communication strategy with our intuitive texting feature, designed to keep you connected and organized.

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