This property management group connected the dots

Englert Management Corporation has 5 offices. All with traditional phone lines.

This means a caller could get a busy signal if all the lines were in use.
They can’t pick up the phone and dial an extension to get someone in another office.
It was difficult to transfer calls between offices.

This also means they were paying for over-priced traditional phone service at each location.

Reasons for Englert to make the switch from traditional phone service to VoIP (cloud phone service):

  • Connect their 5 offices – extension dialing, easy transfer of calls, and a conference bridge
  • Over 50% cost savings per month
  • Extra features like the mobile app and voicemail transcription to email


“Our traditional phone system didn’t make communication between our offices easy. Once we learned that hellospoke could connect our offices, give us more features and save us money, it was a no-brainer.”

– Sandy Carmin, Director of Property Management


Savings breakdown

By switching to a cloud-based phone system, Englert Management Corporation got to stop paying the phone company and experience pretty remarkable savings. In the first year, they are going to see a savings of $9,792!

Company: Englert Management Corporation
# of Offices: 5
Previous Phone Bill: $1,411.00
Current hellospoke Bill: $595.00
Monthly Savings: $816.00

Interested in learning more about our pricing structure? Head to our pricing page.


About Englert Management Corporation

Englert Management Corporation (“EMC”) is an Indianapolis professional management company founded in 1991. For over 25 years EMC has provided excellent apartment living for our residents and outstanding investment returns for property owners. Currently EMC manages five properties in Indiana and Illinois.

Englert Management Corporation’s mission is to professionally and efficiently manage multi-family rental properties to provide the best possible living experience for our residents. Our exceptional management team and their shared commitment to excellence is key to our success.

Say goodbye to over-priced phone service. Say hellospoke.