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We heart phone calls. And we do them really well.

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We are a nimble, privately owned cloud communication provider.

We are based in Louisville, KY. Bourbon Country.

We have been in business for 30 years. We started as Indatus, worked really hard for 25 years in the world of managing telephone calls for multifamily properties, and sold the company to Real Page. We kept our data center and group of network engineers, and for the last 5 years we’ve been using all of their knowledge to turn telephone calls into data and managing those calls over our data network.

Being in and around business communications for three decades, we saw the need for a simple, reliable, and cost-effective way for businesses to upgrade their phone system. For both business VoIP and contact center solutions.

We want to provide tools to make jobs easier – for both small and large companies.

We want to lower phone bills by allowing companies to say goodbye to their traditional phone systems.

If you want to see our resume, download this PDF.

hellospoke was by far the easiest and most cost effective way for us to upgrade to VoIP. Using the mobile app allowed us to avoid the hassle and cost of purchasing hardware or running cable, and ended up with a system that was quick to implement with great call quality and mobility.
Christian CorriganAir Systems, LLC
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The folks behind the scenes keeping things awesome

Christina Swan


Ideal job for a day: Forensic Phsychologist

Best book ever read: It’s a tie between 3 books – Shantaram, Atlas Shrugged, and The Bell Jar

Home town: Oak Harbor, WA

Dalton Palmer

Project Coordinator

Interesting job you’ve had: Working on my family’s greyhound farm in Kansas

Random fact: I was part of the national championship team for a now defunct game called Sentinel Tactics

Ideal job for a day: I’d definitely be a marine biologist

David Durik

David Durik


Ideal job for a day: Fighter pilot

Best book ever: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Home town: Wellesley, Massachusetts

Haley Reffett

Haley Smith

Project Manager

Interesting job you’ve had: I worked at the Fun House, similar to Chuck E Cheese’s. Sometimes I had to dress up as the dog and go around to hug the kids.

Who would you want to be for a day: Cher

Home town: Georgetown, IN

Jackie Hoffman

National Account Executive

Random fact: I played softball overseas when I was a senior in High School

Ideal job for a day: Concierge at a 5 Star Hotel

Hometown: Westchester, NY

Jamie Webb

Marketing & Creative Director

Random fact: I got a bowling scholarship … and might still have a bowling jacket with my name on it

TV show/movie you’re ashamed to love: America’s Next Top Model

Ideal job for a day: Cooking and taste-testing in America’s Test Kitchen

Jeremy Wiley

Jeremy Wiley


Favorite movie: Cool Hand Luke

Random Fact: I am deathly afraid of cows and other large animals

Favorite beer: Four Roses small batch bourbon

Jon Hines

Product Manager

Who would you want to be for a day: A monk

Weirdest thing you ate: Pickled whale in Iceland

Most overused phrases: Literally, literally

Judah Johnson

Field Tech II, Installer

Weirdest thing you ate: Camel

Favorite thing to do in Louisville: Visiting live music venues

TV show/movie you’re ashamed to love: Mean Girls

Lee Tompkins

Lee Tompkins

Network Engineer

Ideal job for a day: Jungle Cruise Captain at Disney World Orlando

3 most overused words: Dude, hey, and dude

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Mike Rice

Mike Rice

Director of IT Infrastructure

Who would you want to be for a day: I would live the life of my son so I can see things from his point a view

Random fact: I forget movies that I’ve seen, but can remember the IP address of a server that I worked on 5 years ago

TV show/movie you’re ashamed to love: Friends

Phil Hawkins

Phil Hawkins


One meal for the rest of your life: Pizza or tacos … or Mexican pizza

Best book ever: Great Gatsby

TV show/movie you’re ashamed to love: Ghost Adventures

Ryan Blakely

Ryan Blakely

Tier 1 Support Specialist

Ideal job for a day: Applied Behavior Analyst in Law Enforcement

TV show/movie you’re ashamed to love: Riverdale

One meal for the rest of your life: Tacos, especially the kind with nacho cheese or queso inside

Ryan Moorman

Ryan Moorman

VP of Sales

Interesting job you’ve had: Driving a beer truck – saw people and things you could only see driving a beer truck

Weirdest thing you ate: Love peanut butter and tabasco sandwiches

Favorite beer: Coors Banquet

Ryan Sweeney

Chief Sales Officer

Most overused phrases: Does that make sense? Not to be funny. You know what I mean?

Random fact: I once put a dead deer in my roommates bed

TV show/movie you’re ashamed to love: Big Brother

Scott Langley

Scott Langley

Project Manager

Favorite movie: Dazed and Confused

Favorite thing to do in Louisville: Go to Louisville football games

TV show/movie you’re ashamed to love: Big Brother

Shane Ellis

Network Engineer

Favorite movie: The Road Warrior or Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

Best book ever: Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

Favorite thing to do in Louisville: Seeing local bands perform

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