With a staff of 18 serving a community of over 8,000 people, plus five active campuses, Family Scholar House needed an updated phone system that would help keep the campuses connected, and employees mobile and responsive. Cutting back on expenses is always a bonus too!

“We needed a system that recognized that no matter where our staff members were located, we were all one organization.”

How HelloSpoke helped

HelloSpoke’s VoIP technology provided Family Scholar House staff with an affordable, flexible, and mobile system that would keep employees connected no matter their location.

“The biggest benefit is the mobility and added technology. For instance, if a staff member is moved from one campus to another, his or her phone number does not change. We unplug the phone in one location, plug it in at the new location and update the location with HelloSpoke so that 9-1-1 is aware. Same number. This allows our staff members to maintain the connections they already have with participants and community partners without the hassle of either a new number or a delay in the process.”

– Cathe Dykstra, Chief Possibility Officer, President & CEO

Savings breakdown

By switching to an internet-based business phone service, Family Scholar House got to stop paying the phone company and experience pretty remarkable savings.

Company: Family Scholar House
# of Locations: 5
Previous Phone Bill: $5,961.66
Current hellospoke Bill: $2,339.00
Monthly Savings: $3,622.66

Interested in learning more about our pricing structure? Head to our pricing page.

About Family Scholar House

Family Scholar House is a nonprofit organization based in Louisville, Kentucky with a mission to end the cycle of poverty and transform the community by empowering families and youth to succeed in education and achieve lifelong self-sufficiency.

Say goodbye to over-priced phone service. Say hellospoke.

Written by Maddie, a hellospoke intern.