Sure, we can understand why this is a concern – you are using your internet connection to make and take phone calls. And not all VoIP systems are deployed correctly to ensure secure phone calls. If the right server security isn’t there, or you are using weak, default or no passwords, you are at risk for getting attacked.

The key to having a secure network (and secure phone calls) is to use a VoIP provider that has safety nets in place. Reliable providers will use a few different methods to add layers of security.

Before signing up with a VoIP provider, make sure you understand their security measures.

hellospoke has a team of engineers that make sure your calls are secure. Some of our safety measures include:

  • IP address banning when malicious traffic is observed
  • MD5 hashing

If you’d like to know more about what these security methods mean, give us a call. We’d be happy to explain in more detail. We want you to have a simple, reliable and secure phone system that you don’t have to think about. And we’ll take care of the rest.

Stay tuned for VoIP Myth #3 – You can’t call 911 or Emergency Services