Tips for handling missed calls with automated notification systems.

When one of your multifamily properties misses a call that does not have the label “Spam“, it is normal to feel like the team missed something important. Don’t worry, though, because you’re not alone. 

Luckily, there is a great solution to ensure missed calls are not missed opportunities. 

That solution is automated notifications for on-call staff. 

Automated answering services like Notify, which HelloSpoke offers, can make things easier. When someone leaves a message after a missed call, Notify forwards this message to staff members that have signed up to receive these missed-call notifications. 

But what exactly is this, and how can it help your properties tackle those pesky missed calls like a pro? Let’s dive into notification solutions.

Automated Notification Systems

For some management companies with a good deal of properties, missed calls on any given day can easily number in the hundreds.

And the majority of those, if not followed up, can make for missed leads or weakened customer retention. 

For most properties, the solution is to have staff members receive notifications about missed calls. This way, there is always a set number of people to contact at any given time. 

But everyone is human, of course, so it can be useful to have an automated system in place to handle human oversights. 

Think of such a system as your personal call concierge, ensuring notifications about missed calls reach the intended recipient(s) efficiently, so that no issue slips through the cracks. 

Automated Missed-Call Notifications

Notify functions as a behind-the-scenes agent that contacts staff members about missed calls. These missed-call notifications are the messages that callers leave after a missed call. 

This makes it easier for properties to make sure that every missed call is dealt with by the most appropriate resource. This enhances both customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. 

Notify uses an email list that staff members can sign up for. The notifications for missed calls are emailed to staff members on this list. 

Of course, not every missed call is the same. That’s why we offer more than just this email list in the case of maintenance emergencies. 


Customized On-Call Lists for Maintenance Emergencies

In the case of maintenance emergencies, which are pretty much always time sensitive and high priority, Notify allows for the creation of an on-call list for missed-call notifications. 

Such adaptable technology can be tailor-made for your business needs. 

Personalized Notification Cycles

This type of notification lets you create personalized missed-call notification cycles, notifying via text or phone call specific individuals on the on-call list and in the order they are on the list. That is in addition to the notifications sent to staff members on the email list. 

For instance, suppose a property has an on-call list of two people on a Saturday. A maintenance staff member is first on the list and the on-site manager is second. In the event of a missed call about a maintenance emergency, only will the on-site manager get a notification once Notify has tried contacting the maintenance staff member. If the on-site manager does not pick up the call, then the cycle begins again: Notify tries to contact the maintenance staff member, and if the staff member does not respond, Notify moves on to the on-site manager. This cycle can go for up to 24 hours. 

Some staff members on an on-call list may want to receive a text notification, or perhaps just a call from our notification system. We can do any of these for your staff. 

Additionally, they can get multiple chances to respond before it escalates. For instance, after three notification calls/texts to someone on the list, Notify can send notifications to the next person. 

Handling Missed Calls Like a Boss

So, you’ve missed a call. It happens, but how you handle it can make all the difference. Here are some tips:

Empower Your Team Members

Equip your team with the tools they need to handle missed calls effectively. 

Notify’s advanced notification-management tools can empower your team to deliver exceptional customer service and resolve inquiries efficiently. For instance, HelloSpoke allows each team member on Notify’s on-call list for maintenance emergencies to set custom preferences for missed call notifications. 

By automatically sending missed-call notifications to staff members, Notify helps optimize resource utilization and minimize the time gap between a missed call and its follow-up, resulting in improved customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Benefits of Notify’s Automated Notification System

The perks of Notify go for multifamily property management companies of all sizes. Whether you are managing just a couple properties or hundreds of them, Notify can fit into your operations. 

Seamless Integration and Training

Our integration is among the fastest in the industry. Implementing the system is hassle-free, with zero disruptions. 

The HelloSpoke team does all the work, even training each individual property to make sure everything is set up and ready before going live. 

Notify can also integrate with RealPage, Entrata, and Yardi, so you definitely can keep doing business as usual with these platforms. 

Improved Customer Experience

By directing missed-call notifications to staff members, you’re saving both your customers and your team members from the frustration and lost time that comes when a missed call slips through the cracks. 

With efficient phone trees in place, team members can quickly connect with the most appropriate resource to address a missed call. 

This results in a more positive and satisfying customer service experience all around.

Prevent Missed Calls with Mass Notification

If any of your multifamily properties have a tell-the-residents situation on their hands, such as needing to shut down the water for a couple of hours, Notify can notify the residents en masse. 

Mass notification can prevent the property staff from having to field a deluge of “why is my water not working?”, allowing the more pertinent calls, such as maintenance emergencies, to not get lost in a flood of calls. 

Persistent Notification Until the Call Is Handled

With a maintenance emergency, Notify will not just ring the on-call staff once and leave it at that. 

Instead, it can cycle through the on-call list for up to 24 hours before someone finally handles the task. 

And since the order of escalation tends to go to a given employee’s superiors within the organization, there is added incentive to handle the call oneself instead of having, say, someone in the corporate office learn that a maintenance emergency is not being promptly addressed. 

24/7 Availability

Thanks to features like IVR systems, you can be there for your residents all day and night. 

HelloSpoke’s notification solution enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty by ensuring that missed-call notifications still get sent out at any time of day or night. 

This can better ensure that, for example, late-night maintenance emergencies are more likely to be handled. 

Automated On-Call Notification Systems Available from HelloSpoke

Notify can be the behind-the-scenes automated solution to taking small tasks off your back. It can be a vital tool for multifamily property management companies looking to streamline properties’ communication processes to provide top-notch customer service. 

So, the next time a property misses a call, remember: with Notify in place, you’ve got this! The bottom line is that an automated notification service can lead to increased customer satisfaction.

Whatever the size of your portfolio, there’s a Notify solution out there to fit your unique multifamily property management needs. You get an automated answering service that can lighten the burden of following up on missed calls, and help you maximize the potential of every missed call.