In the fast-paced world of multifamily property management, balancing efficiency with exceptional resident service can often feel like walking a tightrope. 

Enter Notify, a cutting-edge Automated Answering service tailored to the unique demands of multifamily properties. 

This powerful tool is not just reshaping how maintenance requests are handled; it’s setting a new standard for property management answering services.

Transforming Daily Communications

For daily operations for property management teams, Notify offers a streamlined approach to handling missed calls and messages:


Notify takes voicemails, turns them into transcriptions (because who listens anymore?), and sends them with the audio straight to your inbox. It’s like we’re showing off – read it, listen, your choice. Now you’re in the know.

Multilingual Transcriptions:

Notify flaunts spot-on transcriptions in multiple languages, ensuring nothing’s lost in translation. It helps your team effortlessly spot the urgent stuff quickly. (English & Spanish)

Software Integration:

Say goodbye to manual data entry. Notify integrates with leading property management software like Realpage, Yardi, and Entrata, facilitating seamless work order processing.

Simplified Scheduling, Enhanced Responsiveness

Notify’s user-friendly interface allows for quick schedule creation, adapting to the needs of property management teams:

  • Consistent Coverage with ‘Forever & Ever’: The same people are on call daily.
  • Rotational ‘Every Other’ Week Schedules
  • Flexible ‘Custom’ Scheduling Options

These scheduling features, combined with the ability to adjust on-call personnel for vacations or holidays easily, ensure that property management teams remain responsive and prepared. 

Beyond Calls: Maintenance Mitigation and Analytics

Notify goes beyond traditional automated answering services by offering crucial data to refine operational procedures.

  • Lou, the Maintenance AI: Filters out non-emergency messages, minimizing disruptions and enhancing maintenance staff’s work-life balance.
  • Automated Reports: Delivered weekly and monthly to keep you informed.
  • Call Monitoring: Tracks call volumes, response times, and caller trends to pinpoint improvement opportunities.
  • Data-Driven Productivity: Utilizes data to optimize schedules and identify bottlenecks.

Best Property Management Practices

Notify’s Automated Answering service is more than just a way to handle missed calls—it’s becoming Indispensable for property management teams.

It simplifies call handling, integrates easily with industry software, and provides valuable insights that help teams prioritize their efforts without being behind a desk. 

Looking ahead, it’s clear that technologies like automated answering services will play a key role in the evolution of multifamily property management. Opting for Notify means choosing a tool that improves immediate workflows while setting the groundwork for continued success.

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